1. Introduction
    1. Full-text retrieval and full-text PDF download are only available to those authorized journals and newsletters published by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Concerning those unlicensed publications which cannot be browsed and downloaded in this system, please apply for the full-text service through STPI and other libraries.
    2. With regard to the on-line browsing, the Adobe Acrobat Reader installation is required.
  2. Scope of Collection
    1. MOST Publications: The publications included in this system comprise the major publications of the Ministry of Science and Technology (former National Science Council) since NSC’s inception. Most articles of journals included in this system are retrospectively collected from the first issue; however, for the time being, most included journals have been discontinued except for the Science Development, Ministry of Science and Technology Review (former National Science Council Review) and Journal of Biomedical Science.
    2. Other publications: Those journals not published by MOST included in this system comprise Chinese Journal of Science Education, Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society, Journal of the Chinese Institute of Chemical Engineers and Chemical Engineers, and Journal of Ecotechnology in which articles are collected from the first issue.